Babysitter is a choice

About Halpee

Our Promise: “To each his Helper”

To Parents: We promise parents a safe solution to find a trusted Helper for their children in the quickest and most affordable way”.

To Helpers: We promise Helpers a new and interactive way to create their own personal profile, describe their experiences and the qualities that make them unique. We provide each Helper with the employer that is perfect for his/her needs.


Halpee connects you to people who can help you take care of your children, and support you with everyday common household chores. Through Halpee, those seeking care will find the best candidate in a fast and safe manner. The quality of the service will be guaranteed by our community, that will exchange opinions, references and suggestions which will enable new users to choose the Helper most suitable for them.


Halpee aims to return to the past using modernity. People can take back their free time and the wellbeing of their family through a geo-localized community.

No subscription!!!

Registration on Halpee is for free and without any obligation.

Parents can consult as many Helpers profiles, use all the Halpee functionalities and contact one chosen Helper without time restrictions. Helpers can reply for free to the first contact request. Additionally, the following functionalities will be available for Premium users:
  • Unlimited access
  • Top Chat to contact and reply to all Parents and Babysitter
  • Guaranteed responses and notifications to your inbox
  • Access to Helpers’ references
  • Advanced Tool for candidates management
The registration fee to become a “Premium” user (VAT included), is equal to:
For Parents:
1 month € 9,00 per month
2 Months € 16.00 (€ 8.00 per month)
3 Months € 21.00 (€ 7.00 per month)
For Helper / Babysitter:
1 Month € 6.00 per month
2 Months € 10.00 (€ 5.00 per month)
3 Months € 12.00 (€ 4.00 per month)
For Structures:
Service is free in its integrity.
Access to Premium service will be available from the date of receipt of the e-mail notification and for the next 30 or 60 or 90 calendar days, depending on your plan. Access to Premium service is not automatically renewed in any case, so if you want to continue to access the service you will be required to proceed to a new purchase.