Babysitter is a choice

How It Works


Our babysitters share all relevant information to help you find the Helper for you. All you need to do is type your required address in the search bar (in the Homepage) or use our Advanced Search tool.


Here are several ways to choose the babysitter on Halpee. Some parents prefer to first select and add their favourite Helper profiles and then contact them individually. Others prefer shortening their time, without forgoing the security provided by our checks and reviews of other parents and booking directly a face-to-face meeting with the babysitter. That is why we provide resources to help you make informed decisions about who is right for your family.

Meet for in-person interviews

Now meet your final list of candidates face-to-face to ask more in-depth questions. You will want to make sure you are both on the same page about job specifics, discipline, responsibilities, and any other expectations you may have. For your initial in-person interview, you should meet the Helper at a coffee shop or other popular public place with other people around. That way you can further evaluate each Helper before inviting them into your home.

Take it easy

Once you know your child is in safe hands, relax!


Register for Free

  • Sign up for free on Halpee and complete your profile with all the information required:
  • A brief description which highlights your strengths as a babysitter to the parents, to demonstrate why you are the right one for them;
  • The number of years of experience gained as a babysitter and the specific experiences with children of certain age groups;
  • Other tasks that you are willing to partake in during your working hours (e.g.: ironing, cooking, small household chores, academic tutoring);
  • Your most recent qualifications and any other qualifications/professional certificates obtained in the field of childcare;
  • All spoken languages (in addition to your mother tongue);
  • The area in which you intend to work;
  • A profile picture.
When you finish it, remember to post your profile to make sure it is visible to all the members of our Community.

Word of Mouth

When parents search for a babysitter they rely on trust and on word of mouth from friends and former employers. What can you do to increase your chances to receive an offer straight away? Share your profile on social networks and ask your friends to do the same. Simply copy/paste the link of your profile or use the “facebook” button that you find on your Halpee profile. By sharing your profile your chances to receive an offer will increase by up to 70%.

Good Luck

Only those parents really interested in your profile can contact you. Check your personal e-mail account (maybe it’s also worth to check your SPAM folder) to see if anyone has contacted you. If you would like to respond to any of the requests you have received, go to your “Messages” on your Halpee personal profile and write back.


Make sure that parents you have worked with give you feedback on your profile. The more positive the feedbacks that you receive, the higher your visibility will be among all Halpee babysitter profiles, hence the higher your chances to be employed again.